Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year’s Eve Party

To help us celebrate 2010 coming to a close, we had our good friends the Browns and Mike’s sister and her daughter, the Hulls (unfortunately minus Carolyn who was working the ER that night), and Jonathan’s brother’s family over for a little party.  With 8 adults and 11 kids, lots of food, plenty of wine, games, a movie for the kids, Wii Just Dance, and some general goofiness, it was definitely a fun way to cap off 2010.

Thankfully Brooke took some great pictures from the night, because I didn’t manage to pick up my camera once all night.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beech Mountain

Jonathan’s brother’s family came from Florida to visit us for a few days and, since our adorable nephews, Jacob and Noah, had never really seen snow, we decided to take them out to the NC mountains for some sledding. Beech Mountain Chamber of Commerce has a free sledding hill for kids 12 and under so we drove right past where we went tubing last year to check out something new (and free!). All of the kids had an awesome time sledding and Uncle Chris, Jacob, and Noah even found a nice snowy spot on the top of the hill to just play around in the snow and throw snowballs. It was a fun time and I think (and hope) Jacob and Noah had a great first snow experience.

p.s. A big thanks to our generous friends, the Browns and Hulls, for loaning us sleds and snow bibs for our nephews!

{Our little daredevil—sledding blindfold…this is what happens when I tell her to sled down the hill on her belly so I can set up the perfect straight-on shot…}

{Jacob (5), Aunt Chrissy, Uncle Chris, and Noah (3)—thanks for coming to visit!}

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I’m Dreaming…

…of a white [day after] Christmas.  Technically it was snowing last night (Christmas Day), but when we went to bed pretty late it was not sticking.  I didn’t expect to be woken up this morning by Jack yelling “it snowed!”.  It was the excitement of Christmas morning all over again. 

{All but the first four of these pictures were taken with my old D40x—got outside with the new camera and realized that I’d rather my backup camera get snowed on.  I really wasn’t out there too long with either camera, though, because I also realized I’d rather be playing with the kids than taking pictures. :) }

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

It was a very merry Christmas at the Williams house indeed. The favorite gifts of the day: Ella—Barbies galore, a handmade bed for her American Girl doll, and roller skates (what was Santa thinking—didn’t he hear about her hurt elbow??); and, Jack—Iron Man armored car and remote control robot, Legos galore, and a Razor Scooter.

{Jack feels like a really big kid now that he can get rid of his three-wheeled scooter.}

{Ella spent most of the day with these skates on her feet (for the most part with her elbow and wrist guards on and the new Summer dress Aunt Chrissy gave her). Yes, we let her skate around the house…that is, until she fell in the kitchen and kicked the cabinets. She tried her skates outside but then the rain got too heavy.}

{On the left: “Seriously, Dad, a magic kit??”   On the right: “Now we’re talkin’—Iron Man.”}

{Papa and Nonni built this doll trundle/day bed for Ella, including all of the bedding. A lot of care went in to this gift. When we got it into Ella’s room she looked at it and said, “I didn’t know they loved me this much.” Needless to say, Delaney (Ella’s doll) had a very good night’s sleep….and, yes, that is Jonathan wearing pajamas that match the kids’…I was decked in plaid, too. :) }

{Another huge hit of the day—Snuggies from Aunt Jacqui and Randy! Ella opened her gift, looked at the box which didn’t even say the word “Snuggie” on it and said, “My very own Snuggie!!”. Yes, she has wanted a Snuggie for years. I think the Buzz Lightyear one is the coolest thing, though—love how Jack’s in his Buzz pose for me.}

{Even Gator had a Merry Christmas—he finally got a bed he can fit in. When we got Gator 7 years ago we were told his parents were between 8 and 12 pounds. So, we were expecting a little schnauzer. Well, he grew up to be a long-legged 21 pound dog…who can’t fit in the bed we bought him 7 years ago…(don’t worry, the couch and our bed have done just fine since then.)}

{All Snuggied up, watching Mom and Dad play some new Wii games. :) }