Friday, January 28, 2011

C is for…

CURLS—and lots of them!  Ella had wet hair at bedtime on Tuesday night (she gets home from gymnastics at 7:30pm and still has to eat dinner and bathe before bedtime), so we decided to twist her hair around those bendy curling sticks for her to wear overnight.  I had no idea her hair would come out so curly.  She looked like Shirley Temple Wednesday morning, and she couldn’t have been more thrilled about it.  I kept offering to wet it and maybe pull it out a little straighter, but Ella would giggle with excitement and say “No way!”.  When she got home from school the curls had loosened a bit but were still there with a force.  It was definitely different to see our little girl sporting the curls.

CARING—Ella came home from school today with a certificate documenting that she had been chosen from her class to represent the character trait of the month for December, which was Caring.  She was on her morning news and recognized at the quarter-end ceremony for receiving this award.  Anyone who knows Ella would agree that this is no doubt an award meant for our girl.  When I was volunteering in Ella’s class this week, she gave me a big hug and her teacher said, “Ella, are you giving away all of my hugs?”  It made me smile that her teacher was teasing her like that.  We’re proud of our caring little girl.











CUTE—curls are just such a different look for Ella, I had to take a few pictures of her in our beautiful afternoon family room light.  When Ella got off the bus today another mom commented to Ella, “You look like a doll.”  I think she’s kind of right.  Look at this sweet face.

{She loved making the curls bounce.}

CEREMONY—Ella’s 2nd Quarter Awards Ceremony was this morning.  In addition to being recognized for demonstrating the December character trait, Ella also received a ‘Fit Pony’ ribbon (she documented a log showing at least 30 minutes of activity for 35 out of 41 days of the 2nd quarter), an ‘Accelerated Reader’ ribbon (she met her reading goal for the quarter), and a ‘Pony Pride’ ribbon (demonstrating school spirit and school pride).  Hopefully, in the 3rd quarter we can manage to let Ella earn the ‘Absent Free’ and/or ‘Tardy Free’ ribbons (our Florida vacations and all of those doctor’s appointments for her elbow did us in on those ribbons for the past two quarters).  Way to go, Ella—hard to believe you’re halfway through the 1st grade!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekend in the Mountains

We have made the most of this Winter.  I feel like post after post has been about times in the snow.  But, this past weekend, by far, was definitely the highlight of our Winter fun.  We met Jonathan’s parents and sister and her husband in the NC mountains near Boone for a weekend of skiing, ice skating, sledding, and tubing, and ,well, a lot of great hanging out time in our awesome cabin.

Now I know great photos tend to get lost in collages, but there were just so many shots I had to include I just couldn’t post them one by one—this post is going to be a long one regardless!

{Our first night in the cabin—just hanging out and keeping warm by the fire.  Nana brought Jelly Belly’s for the kids, supposedly not noticing that they were all cocktail flavors.  :)  So, if you hear my kids say they love mojitos, pomegranate martinis, and margaritas, you’ll know why.}

{On Saturday, Aunt Jacqui and Uncle Randy went skiing at Sugar Mountain.  We met them there, watched them come down the hill once and then went over to Sugar Mountain’s ice skating rink for our own fun.}

{Thank goodness for those red “trainers”!  Jack was all about speed on his skates, while Ella was more interested in trying to get to the point where she could skate on her own.}

{Jack getting the full service treatment from Nana and PopPop—taking his skates off and putting his boots back on.}

{After lunch with Aunt Jacqui and Uncle Randy at the Sugar Mountain lodge, we took our crew back to the free sledding hill at Beech Mountain.}

{Ella and Jack wore themselves out on the hill and then decided to play in the trees and snow mounds at the top of the hill.}

{Back at the cabin before dark—we had a beautiful view of Grandfather Mountain from our back deck.  But, of course, the kids, once at home, would rather look at PopPop’s iPad…yeah, and on that note, I’d like to thank Uncle Chris, Uncle Randy, and PopPop—Ella asked to put an iTouch on her birthday wish list the other day… :) }

{Sunday morning the kids roped Nana and PopPop into yet another game of cards and we also managed to get a full group picture before heading out the door for a day of tubing.}

{All of us got a chance to tube at Hawksnest…well, Gator had to take a nap under Uncle Randy’s sweatshirt in the car (don’t worry, he was cozy)…but, I’m starting to think that Ella and Jack take for granted what fun grandparents they have!  I’m pretty sure Ella and Jack got at least one ride with each of us adults.  It was a fun time.  After our session ended, we all drove back to Charlotte for another great night of games and laughs.}

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Heart Faces: Innocent Wonder

This week’s theme at I Heart Faces is innocent wonder which can be, as they say, widely interpreted. To me, innocent wonder is the pure joy found in a new experience. I snapped this shot of my two cuties in November when we were wandering around the campus of my husband’s alma mater, there that day for a football game. These two were thrilled to finally try out the super-high swing they’d been eyeing since last year (I think there must’ve been a line for it last time we came)—and it was an even bigger thrill that they could swing on it together.  This was shot of them swinging forward after a big push from Dad.

Check out all of wonderful entries at I Heart Faces!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And More Snow Days

One snow day turned into three days off from school and a 2-hour delay for Ella and four days off from school for Jack. After the first day, however, the fluffy snow essentially turned to white ice. We did some craft projects, played with Legos, listened to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, played lots of Wii (we made up for some lost time—my kids have never really been big on video games…all of that has finally changed and now I actually have some Wii leverage…), and watched a movie a day. When we just couldn’t take being cooped up any longer, we headed outdoors to break up ice, make lots of noise stomping around on it, and explore the woods.

{watching a movie. and yes, ella’s indoor wear was a sundress each day.}

{aaah, isn’t he cute?}

{well, maybe not. doesn’t like mommy getting the camera out…}

{much happier outside.}

{everything was covered in a layer of ice.}

{ella got a few battle scars (scratches on her face) from wrestling with her brother this week. she actually loves to wrestle as much as he does.}

{aren’t my kids just so loving?? ella doesn’t mind the camera so much—this face is a result of me saying that it’s getting dark and it’s time to go inside. don’t worry, ella, you have another day off tomorrow to play!}

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

By early Monday morning we had several inches of snow and a day home from school to enjoy it.

{sledding on the driveway involves getting a running start (and sometimes yelling a battle cry). and yes, we finally got a proper sled.}

{jack’s snow fun is of the more quiet sort…}

{daddy’s busy at work, so no snowball fights today and gator gets to wear his sweater. isn’t he cute?? :) }

{and after a few hours of playing in the snow we decided to walk around the neighborhood to see if anyone wanted to order some girl scout cookies—figured everyone was home, right? thin mints, anyone? :) you can also donate boxes of cookies to the U.S. military troops overseas through ella.  i know, shameless plug…}

{and, of course, i have to inflict some more blurry snow pictures on you. i just think falling snow is so lovely.}

{“let me in—it’s c-c-c-cold out here.” especially without his sweater, right, jonathan?}