Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Morning

After church we came home to see if the Easter Bunny had come through and hidden eggs in our yard.  Sure enough, the kids had Easter baskets with a few goodies plus a dozen or so eggs each to hunt for in our backyard.  Ella and Jack didn’t waste any time making a run for the eggs (seeing as we didn’t put any of our Easter decorations out, decorate eggs, or do any otherwise Easter-y thing this year, they might’ve just been a little anxious to partake in some of the festivities).  Despite the utter lack of preparation and lead up, we still managed to pull off a really nice Easter morning. 


{i know the picture of gator’s a little blurry, but i just thought it was too funny.  our own little easter bunny—don’t think i've ever captured his ears quite like that.}


{ok, so maybe one of the easter bunny’s worst ideas—colored bubbles.  jack got blue and ella got pink.  talk about messy.  but actually you can make some really cool artwork with it, just hopefully not on your easter’s best. :)  }

Saturday, April 23, 2011

35 Pink Flamingos

I awoke on my birthday morning to Ella and Jack yelling, “Mommy, mommy, you have to see our front yard!”  I had no idea what could possibly be going on, or that it would have anything to do with my birthday, but, lo and behold, I came to find my front yard decked out with 35 pink flamingos and a big ‘Happy Birthday’ sign.  My friends Brooke and Carolyn were behind this funny surprise, and Brooke had actually called Jonathan earlier that week to see if he was ok with it because she “knows how he is about his lawn” (she’s got a point—he has been known to scold Gator for any brown spots he creates).  I had actually gone out with these ladies and our husbands the previous night to celebrate my birthday and, since we stayed out until nearly midnight, the poor mom who has this business (one of Brooke’s friends) had to get up at the crack of dawn to pull off the surprise.  Well, thanks to all of them for this great way to start off a very special birthday.  I mean, you just have to smile when your yard is full of flamingos, right? 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The In-Between Time

We stayed at a hotel for a few of the nights while were down in Florida so we could be close to Chris and Chrissy and the cousins, but not bug them with house guests while they were adjusting to being home with a new baby.  I purposely picked a hotel I’d seen from the highway because you could see that it was on a little lake bordered with a walking path and boardwalks.  We came to find out that the boardwalk area was lined with restaurants and fountains and gardens, too.  So, we spent our after-dinner and after-breakfast moments, while staying at this hotel, walking the mile-long greenway around the lake.  It was such a lovely time of day, and the walks were full of sights like turtles and duck families, rappers making videos, and little girls doing cartwheel after cartwheel (oh wait, that was Ella), that we really enjoyed this family time. 

{ella’s donning one of the new outfits she picked out with nana for her birthday.  she can definitely pull off the jumpsuit look.}

{checking out the turtles and ducks at dusk.}

{our hotel from across the lake.}

{checking out the turtles and ducks in the morning.}

{“ah, nerf gun, where have you been all of my life?”  aunt jacqui and uncle randy got jack his first nerf gun this weekend.}

{a little morning yoga.}

Monday, April 18, 2011

Moments with Emilee and Her Big Brothers

It was “pass the baby” once again as we all enjoyed spending more time with our newest family member, Emilee.  When Emilee’s big brothers, Jacob and Noah, got home from school, we made a good attempt to capture all three of Chris and Chrissy’s kids together in a picture.    

{jacob, age 6.}

{noah, age 4.}

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Their Night Out

You might’ve seen me mention in an earlier post that Jack and Ella were very excited about an upcoming sleepover with Aunt Jacqui and Uncle Randy.  You also might have noticed I said Jonathan and I ‘ditched’ the kids tonight for our own little outing—uh, well, honestly I think Ella and Jack ditched us.  As if spending a night hanging out with Aunt Jacqui and Uncle Randy wasn’t awesome enough, they sweetened the deal by adding Nana and PopPop to the mix and offering to take them to Downtown Disney…so, frankly, Jonathan and I didn’t stand a chance up against that—we had to go find our own place to stay that night. :)  

They had an amazing time—Jack and Ella (and the grown-ups, too, actually) are still talking about it—and I’m so thankful to have pictures to put with all of their stories of their night at Downtown Disney (thanks, Jacqui!).

{apparently jack spun this car around and around during the entire carousel ride…oy, randy’s a brave man.  i'm dizzy just thinking about it.}

{ella practiced her princess wave the entire ride.}

{a boy after his grandparents’ hearts—yay, a gator chomp!}

{ella and jack dug for dinosaur bones while they waited for their table at the T-REX restaurant, a (obviously) “dinosaur-themed eatery”.}

{their table was right next to a huge aquarium, had yard-dog like cups (shaped like a bone) filled with slushies with dinner, and enjoyed how the restaurant came alive every 20 minutes in a loud dinosaur “show”.}

Needless to say, Ella and Jack had a night to remember—thank you so much, Aunt Jacqui, Uncle Randy, Nana, and PopPop for making them feel so special!

Our Night Out

So, after hanging out with the fam all day, Jonathan and I decided to ditch the kids with Aunt Jacqui, Uncle Randy, Nana, and PopPop and head to a gorgeous Marriott in Orlando for a quiet night to ourselves.  The hotel had beautiful, resort-like grounds of lush tropical landscape, pools, activities, and outdoor cafes.  We enjoyed a few drinks together outside by the pools, taking in the beautiful weather and views, and then headed to the hotel’s amazing restaurant, Primo.  Taking my queue from a blogger who sets up her self-timer to make sure she gets in the shots on outings with her family or dates with her husband, we did manage to get a picture from our little getaway. Felt like a dork doing it, but it makes me smile—so worth it. :)