Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Last Hurrah

Before school and activities started back up again we planned one more summertime playdate with good friends Baden and Ilse.  More and more Jack and Baden can be found playing something active and rough together while Ella and Ilse are off quietly exploring or making up stories together.  But, if you ask either one of these two, Ella will still say Baden’s her #1 boy and Baden will say Ella’s his #1 girl.  Hard to believe they’ll both be starting 2nd grade this year—and even harder to take is that Ilse and Jack will be kindergarteners.  But, they weren’t thinking of all of that on this playdate—today was about enjoying those last bits of summer.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten Days in Florida (Days 9 & 10—St. Augustine)

After hearing that the day before at the beach Ella had been standing up on the surfboard, riding the waves all the way in, I decided I just couldn’t miss that.  So after everyone had been at the beach for a little while, I covered my boot with a trash bag and then trudged out there onto the beach.  One woman I passed while on the boardwalk to the beach said, “Good luck with that.”  It might not have been fun or easy, but it gave me the 15 minutes or so I needed to see Ella ride several waves in while standing, and balancing, on Aunt Jacqui’s pink surfboard.  Jack had been surfing in on his belly all the day prior and earlier that day, but while I was out on the beach he worked up the courage to stand up on the board himself—and he hadn’t told anyone beforehand that he was going to try, so it was a big surprise.  After the beach, everyone hung out and had dinner back at the condo for a while and then everyone who was staying the night (Chris and Chrissy and crew and Randy all had to head back home) went out for a few drinks and some fun.  And, there are actually no pictures from day 10 because we spent that day driving back home.  It was quite a whirlwind trip, but we’re very thankful we got to see so many family and friends near and dear to our hearts.


{our little surfer girl in action.  the day before ella was surfing in a two-piece bathing suit and actually got a rash on her belly, so on this day she borrowed one of her brother’s rashguards.}

{ella rode wave after wave in.  whenever i turned on my video camera it always turned out to be the waves that tripped her up.  i only captured one of her rides on video (see below).  i’m so glad i didn’t miss this.}

{ah, newlyweds.}

{the one moment they were both standing—i’m so glad i captured it.  we didn’t know it was coming and it was, literally, just for a moment.  jack beams with pride when he sees this picture.}

{and that deserves a high ten from aunt jacqui!}

{back at the condo, it was more emilee-lovin’ time.  emilee was fascinated by gator.  gator, on the other hand, would give me a real hard look whenever i held the baby, like “seriously, another one?”}

{uncle mark seriously deserves some sort of medal for entertaining all four big kids making bead necklaces.  now that’s patience.}

{some zerberts for emilee—love the look on her face.}

{after dinner, ella and her daddy decided it was time for that loose top tooth to come out (ella had been told that the tooth fairy brings twice as much when you’re on vacation which might’ve swayed her opinion).  they excused themselves from the group and this is the moment when they came back to see us all, ella’s 7th lost tooth in her hand.}

{getting some congratulations.}

{and, a brand new smile.  boy has it changed this summer.}

{and the newlyweds again.  btw, happy 1-year anniversary to jacqui and randy—it’s coming up here in just a few days!}

{this is jack getting one of grandmom’s famous back scratches.  he ended up sprawled across her lap with his shirt up—just like his dad used to do when he was a kid.}

{just a few more pictures of emilee before they had to head home.}

{we rounded out our trip with a fun night out with the remaining group at the conch house and then the oasis, both st. augustine beach staples.  the next morning, day 10, we headed home.}

Ten Days in Florida (Day 8—St. Augustine)

With a boot on my left foot, the beach unfortunately wasn’t in the cards for me on this trip.  So, I hung out with Grandmom, Chrissy, and Emilee while the rest of the crew went off for some fun at the beach.  After they hit the beach and pool, we all had a great time just hanging out—there are always great laughs, great stories, and great drinks with this group. 

{ok, yes, a lot of our day was spent playing “pass the baby”.  i mean, how could you resist such sweetness?}

{more ipad time, of course.  these boys are pretty cute and sweet, too, but they won’t let us cuddle them as long…}

{i guess we wore poppop and grandpop out! :) }

{amazing, chrissy actually got to hold her emilee part of the day.  apparently dad chris didn’t, because otherwise he might’ve made it into some of the pictures (oops!).}

{ella was still hanging on to that bellatrix tooth at this point.}

{love that toe grab, and the cute little furrowed brow.}

{the gorgeous view from nana and poppop’s beach condo.}

{we attempted some cousins shots.  love where everyone’s looking in this photo—all eyes on emilee and emilee focused on brother noah.}


{so glad we captured this impromptu group shot—grandmom and grandpop with all five of their great grandkids (to date).}

{gator’s not afraid to admit that randy’s his favorite uncle.  jacqui and randy dog-sat gator while we were at my parents’ house.  we’d lost him twice at my parents house before, and after him wandering off from chris and chrissy’s house on our second day of this visit, i just needed one less thing to worry about for a few days.  thanks, guys!}

{aunt anita and uncle mark brought a beads set for ella with them and then took ella and jack on a few walks on the beach to find seashells with holes in them.  uncle mark spent quite a bit of time helping ella make bead and seashell necklaces for everyone (you might notice us all wearing them in the pictures).  here she’s giving grandpop his after finding a nice “boy looking” shell for him.}

{uncle mark, hard at work with ella filling the many “orders” coming in for seashell and bead necklaces.  ella loved every minute of her time with uncle mark.  and i wish i had a picture of aunt anita and jack—he definitely had a special bond with her, which actually might’ve started last year at jacqui and randy’s wedding (i just remember those two holding hands, walking together to the rehearsal dinner).}

{meanwhile, grandpop was playing a board game with three very busy boys.}