Saturday, October 29, 2011

Three Handsome Boys

I spent about 5 minutes on the Sunday morning of our visit with my sister’s family to take some pictures of my nephews in their gorgeous, lakeside backyard.  Jake was getting his braces off the next day, so this really was capturing a moment in time for him.  Check out what cuties my three nephews are—like every visit, I came away wishing we had more time together…

{drew stayed still for longer, so he has more pictures. :) }

{make that four handsome boys and a lovely girl…}

{love this mother-son moment.}

{“cheese”—what a cutie drew is.}

Weekend in Georgia

We enjoyed an awesome weekend visiting my sister’s family down near Atlanta at the beginning of this month.  It was such a fun, albeit short, time—made me wish we lived a lot closer to each other.  With beautiful fall weather on our side (I adore this time of year), we spent most of the weekend outdoors—watching Jake play baseball (very fun even if it meant cheering on the Gamecocks ;) ); taking a scenic, open-air train ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, exploring a cute little town split in half by the Georgia-Tennessee state line (all on Saturday—we did head indoors that evening to warm up fireside and watch some Gator football); and then, Sunday morning, hanging out lakeside, otherwise known as Tracy and Ken’s backyard.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves on this great weekend.  Warning: This is going to be a long one (decided to go with it all in one post).

{i know, jack—aren’t drew’s cheeks just irresistible??}

{some cousin love—on the train, waiting to set off.}

{it was a little chilly, but open-air is definitely the way to go.  the woods, farmland, rivers, and foothills were all gorgeous sights from the train.}

{an old native american fish trap in the river (on left).  departing the train in mccaysville, georgia (on right).}

{don’t be fooled by uncle ken in short sleeves in the previous picture—it was chilly.  zane’s enjoying the coziness of his dad’s sweater.}

{crossing over into copperhill, tennessee.}

{the kids, correction my kids, were obsessed with the idea that they could be standing in two states at once.  they thought it was hilarious.}

{we were armed with hot chocolate to help us warm up on the train ride home…and some fudge, too, because, well, it’s yummy.}

{on the way back our car was towards the front of the train.  the train whistle would blow 3 times every time we passed a ‘w’ sign and, now that we were in the front instead of the back, it was loud.  jake would give us the ‘w’ warning and the kids would go wild with excitement, covering their ears or jumping every time it blew.}

{train ride over, it was time to head home and get warm by the fire.}

{sunday morning on tracy and ken’s lake.}

{they have a couple of single-kid kayaks, too, that even drew can paddle around.  it’s enough fun just to hang at my sister’s house, and what a lovely setting.}

{a little towing action—jake is quite the paddler. :)  thanks for the fun weekend, tracy,  ken, jake, zane and drew!}