Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A long overdue post on our Halloween night—it was a fun night and definitely not one I'd want to miss.  Jack decided early in the summer that he wanted to be Harry Potter and then, once shown his options, decided he wanted to be, specifically, Quidditch player Harry Potter.  By Halloween night, Jack had already worn his costume quite a bit, so the ‘Potter’ on the front of his robes didn’t make it, but luckily his aviator goggles did because, to me, they really made the whole get up.  Ella was very clear that she wanted to roller skate around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat, so we worked her costume around that.  Jonathan vetoed the roller derby outfit ;), so we settled on a car hop waitress costume.  Needless to say, Ella and Jack were both adorable.  They were also both incredibly polite while trick-or-treating and I had a great time walking Ella and Jack around, showing them off, in our neighborhood. 

{jack was very excited about the golden snitch on his goggles.}

{all she needed was a piece of gum because she already had the sass.}

{our new glow-in-the-dark teeth for our pumpkins were a huge hit with all of the neighborhood kids.}

{and we’re off!  i kind of thought it would be a short night with ella on skates, but that girl’s got energy (and determination) to spare.  i took the kids out and jonathan stayed home to pass out candy for the first time in years because i had okayed the roller skating idea and knew ella would need help down each and every driveway.}

{ella just kept going and going and going.  she actually lasted longer than jack.  he was so anxious to get started on his candy (they can’t eat anything until we’ve looked through it) that he called it a night after about an hour.}

{i’d say he still had a pretty decent take, though.  :) }

Thursday, November 24, 2011


cherish life.  cherish love.  cherish family and friends.  this thanksgiving finds me so very thankful for it all. 

happy thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hunter Farm

Last month (I’m determined to get through these fall posts before December), Ella and Jack each went on a trip to Hunter Farm to spend some time with the farm animals and pick out a pumpkin from the patch.  Ella went with her Brownie troop and Jack had a field trip to Hunter Farm just a few days later (I was lucky enough to be the chosen chaperone—no more field trips for me with Jack the rest of the year!).  Here are just a few highlights from each of their trips.

{ella’s trip with her brownie’s was after school, during the beautiful light of late afternoon.}

{ella’s brownie troop.  photo from another troop mom.}

{excuse the hair—i wouldn’t let ella touch her head after petting the animals (even though they did get some hand sanitizer).}

And Jack’s field trip was at about midday—his very first field trip ever!

{a wagon ride out to the animals—the kids watched a cow get milked and then fed the goats and sheep.}

{the sheep’s lips just crack me up.}

{jack wasn’t thrilled to have his picture taken this day, but I love seeing that jack’s made some really good friends in just a few short months at school.}

{each kid picked out a pumpkin at the farm and then, back at class, decorated it like a character.  jack chose to make his an albino vampire bat—it was just a week before halloween.  (also, note that it was ‘hat day’ back at school, otherwise jack couldn’t wear one.)}

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Heart Faces–Autumn Splendor

When I think of the splendor of autumn, beautiful oranges, yellows, and browns on the trees and ground come to mind.  And sunlight.  Plenty of sunlight.  Beautiful, low rays of the sun, peeking through the trees and creating magical bokeh with the leaves on the ground, too.  This picture of my two dear friends speaks to me of the joy and beauty fall, in all its glory, can bring.  Can’t get enough of the season, or of these two smiling faces. :)

Check out more of autumn’s splendor at I Heart Faces


Monday, November 14, 2011

School Festival

Ella and Jack’s school has a fall festival each year and it’s always busy with all of our neighborhood and school friends and a ton of fun.  Jack, the super-dedicated soccer star that he is, decided he didn’t want to miss soccer practice for his first school festival as an actual student at the school (glad he’s enjoying soccer so much), so it was just Ella, her friend Julianna, and me for the night. 

{ella was crazy on this bungee thing.  she kept doing double flips forward and backward over and over and over again.  the attendant at her station said she’s the only one he’d seen do that.  i think it’s pretty hard, too, because i saw quite a few other kids attempt just one flip and not quite get there.  it was fun watching her, and fun hearing friends who were waiting in line (this was the only amusement with a line) cheering her on.  very, very short video of ella in action below (the attendant is trying to keep her above her own trampoline).}

Pumpkin Patch

As we’re closing in on December (with all of the Christmas decorations around it already feels like we’re there) I definitely feel the need to get all of our fall activities posted.  It really is my favorite season here in Charlotte—cool, sunny days and beautiful colors everywhere—so I definitely don’t want it to go unnoticed.  This year, more than ever, has been a busy one (hence the radio silent on the blog), but luckily it hasn’t been all work and no play.  We definitely got our fill of pumpkin patches (3 visits), Halloween parties, and fall festivals.  Hopefully I’ll get all of that posted soon.

But for now, here are my favorite pictures from a day spent out at Riverbend Farm.  We knew we’d be making two trips to our usual pumpkin patch, Hunter Farm, (one with Ella’s Brownie Troop and also a field trip with Jack’s class) so we decided to meet my friend Dao and her family at Riverbend this year.  Definitely worth the drive—we spent a good 4 hours here.

{ella loves dao’s son jacob.  she said once, prompted by driving by jacob’s school, “you know cute jacob [to distinguish him from cousin jacob], well, he’s cuh-ute [said with plenty of emphasis].”}

{that’s her, “can we puh-lease get this pumpkin?”  as if it really takes a lot of convincing.}

{“cute jacob”.  always full of smiles and laughs.}

{we took a wagon to and from the pumpkin patch from the farm.}

{the kids loved the jack-o-lantern fun house.  tons to do here at the farm.}

{a lollipop and a walk to see the buffalo to round out our visit.}

{a view of the slides, playgrounds, and picnic area.}

{i think we’ll be back for more next year!}