Monday, December 31, 2012

Instagrammin’ in December

Our December in a nutshell…

On the way to the Girls on the Run 5K. | We did it! #girlsontherun5k | Starting the process of decorating, a slow process this year. | Advent festival at church. | The dog picks out the chewy morsels. | Technology bringing us together. | Dressed for her Girls on the Run party. | Shadow play in the lights at Jack’s soccer training. | shirtwoot hobbit shirt—the kids have enjoyed listening to the story. | My magazine came in the mail—another cover shot. | Wall collage in the making. | Sweet treats for the teachers. | Jack’s Tim Tebow gingerbread man. | A week in and the tree’s finally decorated. | Puppy love. | The view from here. | Singing Christmas Tree with friends. | Our guard dog. | A little shopping and cross-stitching. | The new ornaments this year—a little Brownie and a little Tiger Cub. | The Nutcracker Ballet with a friend. | Receiving her Nutcracker Girl Scout patch from the Sugar Plum Fairy. | A fort they built in the woods with the cousins. | Reading before school. | Finally on the ‘Braces Off Today’ board! | A million dollar smile. | Reading me a bedtime story. | Mystery reader for Jack’s class—the books were a hit! | More treats for parties and friends. | Jack loves the Christmas tree—you can find him here quite a bit. | End of school day December 14, 2012.  I needed so badly to squeeze these two and hold onto them tight. | Morning well spent volunteering at the Spirit of Christmas to be a helper for a homeless family to receive coats, shoes, and presents for the holidays. | I <3 Charlotte. | Still getting used to that smile. | Yum.  I love salad on a pizza. | Love. | Davidson basketball game. | Go Cats! | Trial run for Santa’s cookies. | A Christmas gator. | Reading together. | Nothing like ice cream on a cold night. | In Ella’s classroom. | Light. | Sweet pups. | Ella wanted in on the snuggling, too. | Jonathan enjoyed his parents’ hostess gift—a growler from a microbrewery in Gainesville. | A little too close for comfort for my mother-in-law at Lazy 5 Ranch. :) | Jack thinks it’s hilarious. | White elephant party. | A flight at The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. | Warmth. | Some downtime for puzzles over the break. | Pedicures for the girls. | The real thing—makin’ Santa’s cookies. | Jack promised Santa “delicious cookies with red hots and blue icing” so we had to deliver. | Came to me 9 years ago on Christmas Eve. | Christmas Eve tradition—Chinese food after church. | Christmas lights! | Reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ in their new pajamas. | Christmas! | Santa came! | The winners from the Christmas take—a longboard for Ella and a bow and arrow for Jack. | The Christmas bears in uptown. | St. Peter’s holds a special place in my heart—baptized there, married there, and first born baptized there. | Longboardin’ with dad. | He’s getting pretty good at shooting with his bow. | Sk8er girl. | Going to see The Hobbit in their hobbit shirts. | Up early to take Gator to the vet for his surgery. | Up before the sun on New Year’s Eve. | Gator’s home—minus one tooth and with a chunk of his nose and ear removed—but feeling fine. | Photobooth set up for the New Year’s Eve party. | We had fun with the photobooth! | And so did the kids. :)