Monday, February 27, 2012

Ella’s New Look

It wasn’t too long ago that Ella was growing out her hair and growing in her teeth.  This picture was taken in July and, since then, her hair had gotten much longer and her smile had gotten, well, less holey.  But, in the past week, Ella’s had two big changes to her look, both of which bring a big smile to her face because she thinks these changes make her look much older (or will at least prevent her from being “mistaken for a kindergartener”, although I’m not sure that’s ever the case this year).  So, without further ado, check out Ella’s new, more mature, look for yourself.



{i felt like trying something new.  hopefully i’ll get better at this effect and the animation will get smoother.  i kept having issues the more photos i used, so i tried to bring it down to as few as i could while still giving a view of the whole haircut. 

so here’s the story behind the look: the haircut was completely ella’s idea.  she has been asking for a bob haircut for weeks or, i guess, due to lack of time and the fact that i wanted ella to not make this change impulsively, we waited several weeks before finally going to pigtails & crewcuts to get her new ‘do.  the hairstylist cut her hair into a bob and ella took one look at it and said, “no, shorter.”  ella loves the ease of this hairstyle so much she’s convinced she’ll have it for “rest of her life” [said with all the drama and emphasis a 7-year-old can muster].

the more surprising change, of course, is her new smile.  ella’s dentist referred us to an orthodontist recently to evaluate ella’s crossbite (her front teeth have an overbite on one side and underbite on the other).  with a couple of days off of school this week, we finally made the time to visit the orthodontist who, after a thorough evaluation of ella’s teeth, told us that ella’s in the small percentage of kids who actually should have braces at this very young age.  she’ll probably wear them for 6 to 8 months to correct her crossbite and then again once she’s lost all of her teeth…yes, you got it, cha-ching.  it’s so interesting how kids ella’s age react to braces—ella couldn’t have been more thrilled at the news she was getting braces and the reaction of most of her friends at school when they first saw her was, “aah, i want braces.  you’re so lucky.”  over the weekend, though, reality set in with ella that having braces is actually kind of uncomfortable and we’ve had a few tears at mealtimes.  this morning ella did say that she thinks she’s getting used to them, but, then again, that could just be the orajel talking.

and, in case you missed it in the animated image, here are a few of the pictures.}

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Little Cheerleader

Just for fun, and to spend more time with good friend Julianna (third from left in top row of group picture below), Ella joined a cheer squad this winter through South Charlotte Recreation Association (SCRA or SCR).  This little group of cheerleaders cheered for SCR basketball teams each weekend, usually the teams of brothers of one or more cheerleaders.  So, every weekend it was a different team (Blazers, Hawks, Wolves, etc.) but these girls brought their spirit hands and spirit kicks for each and every team.  This is just a collection of photos from several of their games and then video from their last game this past weekend.  It was a fun season—and can you get over how cute these cheerleading outfits are??  I think we’ve got ourselves a Halloween costume…

{and yes, that is jack in that first clip working really hard to climb onto the stage…oh, and not to forget jack’s part of ella’s cheerleading season—he came to every game and got to hang out with julianna’s brother dylan, a 5th grader, and his friends.  it was so cute to watch him play basketball with these tall kids 5 years his senior.  the 5th graders were super-nice to jack, not teasing him or making him the butt of a joke, but the height difference was just so great they just couldn’t help the fact that jack didn’t get the ball much…here’s a pic taken during halftime…}

{not a great pic, but you get the idea.  i love how hard jack is trying and the 5th grader’s basically just standing there for the rebound.}

Monday, February 6, 2012

Geo George

To help with Jack’s Social Studies unit studying maps and learning about taking journeys, Jack was given a sort of Flat Stanley assignment.  But, instead of a dimensionally-challenged little boy, Jack decorated and cut out a turtle name Geo George.  Jack was tasked with sending George to a relative or friend anywhere in the world and asking them to take George on adventures and document where they went.  Jack decided Aunt Jacqui was the best person for the job, so we sent George a few weeks ago on his way down to Florida.  The pictures from Aunt Jacqui started coming in shortly thereafter and it’s easy to see that George had a fun time on his trip.  Jack’s latest obsession has been football (he can spout tons of football facts and stats), with a particular fondness for Tim Tebow, so he was thrilled to see these photos.  Geo George is now home safe with us, ready to head back to school for Jack’s presentation to his class.  Thanks a bunch, Aunt Jacqui (and her assistant, Uncle Randy), for helping Jack with his school project—you made it tons of fun!

{clockwise from top left: at the university of florida football stadium (ben hill griffin stadium, a.k.a. “the swamp”), with the tim tebow statue outside the stadium, at a UF gymnastics meet (aunt jacqui is a former UF gymnast), with the gator outside the football stadium (looks pretty real, eh?); “tebowing” with an orlando rage football player (uncle randy’s team), at an orlando rage football game, and at walt disney world.}

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Night on the Town

Now that the kids are getting bigger we decided that our foray to the Children’s Theatre needn’t be for a weekend matinee—we’re able to hit the Friday night show now!  So, a few Friday nights ago, after Jonathan was off of work, we headed to uptown for dinner and show.  We ate dinner at our favorite pizza place Brixx and then watched The Borrowers come to life on stage at The Children’s Theatre of Charlotte.  Definitely some good times, and I think the kids felt pretty special being in the city at night.  It’s definitely beautiful when it’s all lit up.