Sunday, April 29, 2012


We had a quiet Easter this year, celebrating it back home with a church service, an egg hunt at the church, a backyard egg hunt, egg decoration, and then a small Easter dinner with, what has become a tradition after two years, purple sweet potatoes (they seem to come in our organic produce delivery box right before Easter each year).  Ella and Jack also had small baskets filled from the Easter bunny this year with some candy and a book.

{you have to be quick or you’ll miss the sweet shot before one of them squirms away.  and yes, ella and jack dressed themselves for easter this year.}

{for the first time, the easter bunny hid two golden eggs this year instead of just one.  jack had found the golden egg every year one had been hidden, but this year ella found a golden egg first.  not knowing there was more than one this year, jack immediately got upset and refused to egg hunt for a while.  we had to let jack figure out on his own that there was another golden egg to be found—he eventually got there, but he was lucky ella was nice enough to share all of the eggs she had been collecting while he was sitting out pouting.  the golden eggs, in case you were wondering, had a dollar bill in each of them.}

{oh man, i wish i had better pictures of this.  this is when crazy ella did a spastic kick which made her shoe fly off and hit her in the head.  the best part was that she had just said something grumpy about her brother—karma i tell you.}

Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Break 4/4

One of many reasons we headed down to my parents’ house for Spring Break was that, as a birthday present to Ella (and an early one to Jack), Nonni and Papa wanted to take the kids to Legoland for a day.  Legoland Florida just opened last fall and it is targeted for kids 12 and under—the park doesn’t have a single ride these weren’t tall enough to ride.  The weather was great, the rides were fun, the Lego builds were awesome, and we had a great time building memories with Nonni and Papa.

{yes, those are lego minifigures on water skis.}

{the “kid power towers”—ella insisted on doing it on her own.  it took a little more time, but she made it to the top a few times…and then fell more slowly without much weight bringing her down.}

{thanks for the fun day and a great visit, nonni and papa!}

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Break 3/4

My friend Lauren, Ella’s Godmother, had her second child back in February, a son named Reese.  Her family lives in Tampa now so Ella, Jack, and I went to visit her and her daughter and meet the sweet new baby boy while we were down in Florida.  Another of my college friends, Cari, brought her kids over from Orlando for the visit, too.  It was fun to hang out with all of their cute little kiddos.

{ella and reese}

{tommy, cari’s son}

{zoe, lauren’s daughter.                                                        lauren and reese.}

{zoe, cari’s daughter josie, and ella}

{and then we had a hilarious attempt to try to get a photo of all of the kids together.  well, maybe next time. :) }