Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last Week of Summer

Here are just a few highlights from the last week of summer vacation in August before Ella started 3rd grade and Jack started 1st grade. 

As with the rest of the summer, there was lots of swimming—we spent a lot of time at our pool but also enjoyed a few friends’ pools, especially ones with diving boards.

We also met up with our great friends Baden, Ilse, and mom Ivy.  We take whatever chance we can get, the few times when our schedules line up, to hang out with them.  Like peas and carrots…

{and an iphone pic ivy took of me with the kids that day.}

And then, the last weekend of the summer before the beginning of school, we took our annual trek to Brusters for their yummy ice cream and talked about some of our favorite times from another awesome summer.

It was an amazing summer filled with many great memories!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hilton Head Island in August

In mid-August, our little family of four (Gator couldn’t make it) took a nice three-day trip to Hilton Head Island.  We had spent 4th of July there last summer and just fell in love with the place, we couldn’t imagine a summer without a HHI trip.  It was just a few days before the kids went back to school, but we hit all of our favorite HHI hot spots and got in plenty of beach time.  Loved.every.minute.

{we happened upon hudson’s by the bay by dumb luck on our last trip, and fell in love with the setting, food, and drinks.  it was a must on our return trip and it did not disappoint.  on this weekend we got there early enough for happy hour—the kids tried their first oysters on a half shell and ate shrimp as fast as we could peel them.  after dinner we went on a hunt for tiny crab out by the bay.  i’m sure we’ll be back again next year.}

{shirley temples and oysters.  the oysters got the neutral thumb (neither up nor down) but he was proud to have tried it.}

{ella was a trooper, too.  “it takes like the ocean.”  probably an apt description.}

{this year we had to search under the rocks to find the tiny crabs.}

{and if you haven’t noticed yet, jack grew his hair out over the summer.  he got a really good haircut before the start of school and it has looked much better ever since.  :) }

After dinner, we took a walk on the beach at our hotel (this time we were at the Marriott resort) at dusk.

The next day we spent nearly the entire day out on the beach or by the hotel pool until trying to beat the crowds for an early al fresco dinner at our favorite island pizza place.

It was all fun and games until the jellyfish came along.  Jack and Jonathan both got stung on their legs.  I have no doubt that it is very very painful.  They headed to the lifeguard station where she put vinegar on the stings and then told them to pack it with wet sand for a while.  We were concerned at first that this would spoil the day for Jack, but, as soon as he realized it didn’t hurt any worse when he swam in the pool, his mind was off the sting and back on having fun.  And he still tells his story of this experience…not that we would go back and do this again…

At Guiseppi’s Pizza and Pasta—our favorite pizza place on the island that has a great outdoor setting and two-man band.  Love this next series—I think Jonathan and Jack really had a bond over their jellyfish stings.

{ella and my attempt at a self portrait was kind of a fail, but i love it anyways.}
Our final day on Hilton Head Island we spent doing another favorite activity and must do while there—bicycling the many trails.  First, though, Jonathan started our day by making a Dunkin’ Donuts run for coffee, milk, and some chocolate glazed (a family favorite).

{love those shots.  this is totally a sunday morning, dad and his kids moment.  let’s just say that vacation isn’t the only time jonathan makes a dunkin’ donuts run with the kids.}

Until next year, HHI!  :)