Monday, October 29, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

In October, of course, we were just out to get a few pumpkins to carve for Halloween but ended up having one of the most fun evenings this fall.  On a whim, we headed to Hall Family Farm for our pumpkin this year—we’ve been there plenty of times in the spring for strawberries, but never for pumpkins in October—and we were happy to find that it was more than just a pumpkin patch.  It was more like a festival there.  In addition to rows and rows of big, beautiful pumpkins and wagons to carry your haul, they had a corn maze, riding toys, tetherball, a corn bale igloo, water pump duck races, a bonfire, and country music playing to really give it a farm feel.  We stayed an hour or more longer than we had intended because it was such a beautiful fall evening and we were having such a nice time.  This will be a must for next year for sure.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pajama Day + Wear Sunglasses Day

On a different pajama day, I was able to come to Ella’s class to be a part of a character trait lesson (‘responsibility’ was the trait of the month).  Now that Ella’s in 3rd grade, I really don’t get the chance to get into Ella’s classroom to volunteer very often—I’m in Jack’s classroom, on the other hand, at least once a week—so, it was nice to meet Ella’s classmates on this day and get a few pictures.  As an extra bonus, when I was leaving Ella’s classroom, I saw Jack’s class on the playground.  He chose not to wear pajamas on that day, though, and also was having too much fun playing soccer to pay much attention to me.  Nonetheless, it was great to see him enjoying himself so much at school.

{the previous school day, i had gotten a call from the nurse’s office because ella had gotten a serious goose egg on her forehead from falling on the bars on the playground.  her teacher must’ve taken pity on her to let her wear a hat on this day.  it was a huge knot right in the middle of her forehead.}

{jack and jack again.  very nice kid.}
On another school day, when I was volunteering in Jack’s classroom, it was Red Ribbon Week (a.k.a. ‘Just Say No to Drugs’) and the kids were supposed to wear sunglasses to show they were ‘too cool for drugs’.  I just snapped a few pictures of Jack and his classmates in class and then slipped into the lunchroom to get one of Ella, too.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Festival

The school had its annual fall festival in early October, which is always a good time.  I am not the yearbook chairperson with the PTA this year, so I wasn’t so concerned about taking photos of kids at the festival.  I just kind of enjoyed myself—watching the kids, catching up with other school parents, and meeting my kids’ friends.  I only took a few photos.

{ella and her bff julianna were inseparable.}

{jack was mostly interested in the treats.  :) }
Part of the festival was a silent auction for special activities with teachers.  We bid on several but actually won a breakfast for four students with the music teacher, Mr. B.  So, one morning the week after the school festival Ella and Jack each brought a friend (Ella invited Julianna and Jack invited fellow tiger cub Jack S.) for a special before-school breakfast with the music teacher.  They loved feeling so special.  The following week Julianna invited Ella for a lunch with the literacy facilitator which she had won at the auction, too.

{it also happened to be pajama day that day.}

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photo Booth App

Taken back at the end of August.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Instagrammin’ in September

My newest obsession is Instagram on my iPhone.  So, while I haven’t been here on the blog as much, I have been putting current pics out there on Instagram.  It’s fun—it’s like photography, blogging, and updating my Facebook status in one…with a lot less work involved.  So, if you have an iPhone or iPad and want to keep up with us, follow me on Instagram.  Or, just wait until the end of the month and I’ll try to put it all here. 

This is our September in a nutshell, in chronological order.

jack writing thank you notes.  |  gator’s got more than just a green thumb…(from being outside while we mowed the lawn).  |  what happens when you go to funkytown (a birthday party place around here).  |  first day of school.  |  end of first day of school.  |  pensive ella.  |  last weekend in the pool.  |  date night.  |  happy to feed my kids healthy foods after a day spent learning about food deserts.  |  jack’s first piano lesson.  |  30 minutes of reading each night.  |  my photos on the brixx menu!  |  a super dinner at brixx.  |  we cool.  |  jack started soccer.  |  amelie’s with janet.  |  picking daddy up at the airport at 1am because of a dead car battery.  |  man of many hats.  |  a well made bed.  |  a masterpiece.  |  nonni and papa are here!  |  digging a hole—or a well!—for a basketball hoop.  | leaving her mark.  |  my photos in a collage at brixx birkdale!  |  brought my parents up there to see.  |  another pinterest project.  |  i breed orange and blue.  |  pensive gator.  |  you are my sunshine.  |  the trust bucket is full.  |  a new tiger cub.  |  homework—math word problems with questions about downloading songs from iTunes??  |  she went back for seconds of kale.  |  old skool.  |  halloween sneak peek.  |  halloween sneak peek.  |  happy hour sans kids.  |  GOAL!!!  |  11-year anniversary!