Monday, January 21, 2013

Powderpuff Derby

In early January girls from Ella’s brownie troop participated in a pinewood derby, or “powderpuff derby”.  Jonathan spent time over the winter break with both Ella and Jack (for his upcoming pinewood derby) to create cars for their races.  They picked the shape, design, and colors of their cars together.  Jonathan and the kids spent time out in the garage sawing and sanding, taping and painting, drilling and gluing in bb pellets (for weight).  This was the first year of races for both kids and the cars looked and ran great.  It was a very fun event and a good bonding experience with Jonathan and the kids (although I think Jonathan did most of the work).  We picked up a few tricks of the trade watching the other cars race (and race again, and race again), so we’ll definitely be ready for next year! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year’s Eve

We had our annual fun party on NYE with a few families all over at our place—we don’t usually have any pictures from the night, but this year I set up a photobooth.  Ella helped me with backdrop and both kids helped me set up the camera (see the test images). So glad everyone, kids and adults like, had fun with it!

{test images. :) }
And the real deal…

{poor gator had some surgery that day so he was really needy that night and wanted to be held, something he never usually asks for anymore.}

Happy New Year!!