Monday, March 25, 2013

In Like a Lion…

March started with a snowfall this year.  We like snow and we like winter, so we were thankful for the few snowfalls we got this year.  Of course, with the foresight to know that March did not go out like a lamb (it was a long winter), I will say that we still like our spring to show up promptly by mid-March!  :)

{you can see my bed of daffodils in full bloom at the back of the yard.  we thought spring was on its way…guess not.}

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ella's 9th Birthday!

Happy birthday to our sweet baby girl...9 years old--I can hardly believe it!

Ella's 9th Birthday from Tricia Williams on Vimeo.

p.s. The song was Ella's request.  :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013


At the end of February, I got a light stand for my off-camera flash (OCF) to use in the work I’ve been doing with food photography for a few restaurants and with newborn photography.  Ella was my willing subject the afternoon the light stand showed up.  I was trying to figure the light stand out, so for some images the lighting isn’t awesome, but Ella sure is cute.

{and a scruffy gator helped me play with the OCF, too.  :) }

Monday, March 11, 2013


Yay!  After what felt like years without any good snowfalls, we actually got one in mid-February.  It started snowing in the evening so the kids played out in the snow until dark.  And, the next morning, in true Charlotte fashion, we had the snow for a few hours before it was as if it had never happened. 

{gator’s trying to warm up in a sunbeam.}

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Instagrammin’ in February

Our February in a nutshell.  Closing in on getting current with photos from the big camera, but, for now, these pictures I posted to Instagram throughout the month to document the daily things will have to do.

underarmour twins | half birthday celebration | me and the kids at the secret garden performance | reading break | 10 things i love by jack | reading a classic | all you need is… | teaching his bud some skateboard tricks | “this chair is killer” | a session of 6-month sweetness | a run in the rain | dinner with uncle al… | …and aunt claire | fuzzy wuzzy needs a haircut | “rowse are red, vilets are blue. guess what? your so cool.” | happy valentine’s day! | snow! | winter wonderland | enjoying the snow as late as possible | “it’s snowing!” | standing in a sunbeam to warm up | date night | les miserables! | the show after the show | lovely day for a walk with the whole family | annual 1st grade hallway fairy tale bulletin board showdown by the moms | asked me to have lunch with him | the calm before the storm | we gotta’ wear shades | blinded