Monday, May 13, 2013

Field Trip to the Riverbanks Zoo

Just a few weeks after Ella’s big field trip to Old Salem, in early May Jack’s 1st grade class headed down to Columbia, South Carolina for a big day at the Riverbanks Zoo.  We love this zoo and were members for years—I definitely do not need a map to make my way through this zoo, which was a benefit on this particular day because the four 1st graders in my charge liked to run from one exhibit to the next.  I had another fun and nice group of kids, and felt lucky to get to hang with them all day.

{ashlyn, levi, jack and adoara.}

{still loves those penguins.  :) }

{back to the birds because they loved them so much.}

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Field Trip to Old Salem

In mid-April, Ella’s 3rd grade class went on a field trip to Old Salem, a historic Moravian settlement near Winston-Salem where you can step back in time to the late 18th century, and fortunately I was able to chaperone.  We were there from about 9am to 3pm and I was in charge of four rambunctious 3rd graders that entire time—luckily, they were a great group, full of energy but also very inquisitive, listening intently to the speakers and asking great questions. 

{my crew—ella, julianna, mason, and preston.}

{listening in the bakery to how they make their bread, rolls, and moravian cookies. it was kind of tight and dark in there, but i loved this light.}

{had to let them run when i could.}

{part of the field trip was an ice cream cone for each kid.}

{learning about how lye soap was made.}

{ella love how soft her hands were after washing them with the lye soap.}

{learning about making bubble bread in a stone oven (the process of yeast).}

{ms. bever’s class after lunch break.}

{their idea.  :) }

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Instagrammin’ in April

Just when I think that I really hadn’t posted much over the past month, I put them all in a blog post and realize we’ve had a ton of activity…Here’s our April!

#endlessspringbreak | beach! (saint augustine beach) | cartwheel after cartwheel after cartwheel, making her way down the beach. | cooling off |gulls | fort matanzas | thunder cancelled the ferry ride, so a little fun for the grown-ups with a winery tour. | st. george street shopping | good morning, sunshine! | back to the beach! #brrrr | super-star boogie boarders | the incredible shrinking ella | finally eating out in a tikki hut at the conch house. | the three of us at the alligator farm. | oh no! | dangerous animal | maximo, giant croc | it’s all fun and games until you’re in the death roll. | good climbing trees. #fortmatanzaspark | left to their own devices. | the beach to ourselves. | headed home, rainy and 44 degrees. :( | home | go gators! | new wheels! | spring #nofilter | another magazine in the wraps! | little gardener | helping jack’s reading group. | passing the time during jack’s soccer practice. | <3 | a yummy treat after cub scouts. | creating a meadow in the woods. | kitchen helper, tearing up the kale. | duck duck goose. | “somewhere over the rainbow” | redhead, “thriller”. :) | field trip! in charge of this crew today at old salem. | restocking the wine rack…it was a long day. | perfect report cards dance party. | watching jack’s soccer game on a chilly morning. | ice skating. | how quickly my new toy becomes theirs. | lovin’ my birthday gifts from the kids. | yoforia birthday key lime pie. #froyo | hanging with deangelo williams and madonna today. #celebrityday | off to the mountains! | awesome way to start sandal season—i smashed my toenail playing tennis.