Friday, June 21, 2013

End of the School Year

Just days before the new school year starts, here I am blogging about the end of the last year.  Actually, it’s a personal victory—so glad to be catching up on the blog and our family pictures in general.  So, Ella wrapped up 3rd grade and Jack 1st grade in early June.  They both had fantastic years—they had awesome grades, loved their teachers, always had joy for school, and never missed a day of school sick (knock on wood).  After a very fun summer (more on that later), Ella will be starting 4th grade and Jack will be starting 2nd grade next week.  Here’s hoping for another great year!

{ella at the beginning of the school year (end of august, 2012) as compared to the end of the school year (early june, 2013).  by the end of the year, her hair was longer (though not for long), she grew maybe an inch and a half, and no more braces (!)—not to mention the developing tweenage maturity (a.k.a. sassiness) over this year.  :) }

{jack at the beginning of the school year (end of august, 2012) as compared to the end of the school year (early june, 2013).  his hair is longer, too, he went from good reader to great reader over this year, he got stronger and a little taller over the year, and has really come into his own little quirky personality.}

{and that personality is definitely ornery at times—i got my one picture and then that was that.  :) }

{and another little ornery boy, who doesn’t like to get his picture taken, was hanging out in the shade while i delayed the kids’ walk to the bus stop to snap my pictures of them on their last day of the 2012-2013 school year.}

{jack and his amazing 1st grade teacher, ms. parker.  ella had ms. parker for 1st grade, too, and we all just love her.  wish we could have her a few more times.  jack was kind of teacher’s pet this year.  sometimes it was hard to believe how well behaved at school he is (don’t get me wrong, he’s always a good kid, but he’s been known to make his fair share of bad choices)—he got on green every day this year at school—but jack’s theory about the mild juxtaposition here is that he “saves up all of [his] good behavior for school.”  either way, i hope jack holds on to that desire of his to do well at school.}

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Ella and Jack have really been enjoying Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts, respectively, this year.  Ella was a Brownie this year and Jack was a Tiger cub.  Their troops have had a ton of fun activities for them between September and May—most of which I don’t have pictures of—and I’m glad that both Ella and Jack want to continue in scouts. At the end of May, Ella bridged over to the Girl Scout Juniors and Jack became a Wolf cub. 
Here are just a few (very few) images that I do have of one of Jack’s scouting adventures:
{jack participated with his pack in presenting the flag at an assembly at his school.  he was so unsure about wearing his uniform to school—not knowing whether anyone else would or not—that he finally decided just to wear the shirt and kerchief.  parents were not invited to the assembly, but thankfully a few photos with jack in them circulated amongst the pta.  and, aside from jack’s pinewood derby, that’s all i have in the way of images from jack’s first year in cub scouts.  will have to do better this coming year!}
Thanks to the Girl Scout Troop moms, I have quite a few more images from Ella’s last year as a Brownie:

{ella’s troop cleaned up the grounds of their school at the beginning of the school year, and made the local paper in doing so.}

{in november, ella’s troop got a behind-the-scenes tour of carvel ice cream, learning about the business side of it.  they also got to decorate their own ice cream cakes—perfect take-home treat considering it was jonathan’s birthday month.}

{ella’s troop also got a behind-the-scenes tour of Second Harvest Food Bank. they brought a donation with them, too.}

{selling girl scout cookies at a cookie booth in early march.}

{later in march, ella and jonathan went to a girl scout father-daughter dance.  for whatever reason, jonathan and ella are the only father-daughter duo not in the album from the night—jonathan has kind of implied that this is how these nights work, he escorts ella to the dance and and she kind of runs off to hang out with her girlfriends.  jonathan likes to stretch out their dinner together before the dance to make sure to get his time with ella that night.}

{in april, the girls got to learn about the theater program at the local high school and watch a dress rehearsal of the show oklahoma.}

{in may, ella’s girl scout troop went to camp harrison for an overnight encampment trip.  it was a little rainy, but it looks like the girls had a great time.}

{hmmm, we might have to have a talk before ella’s first full week of sleep-away camp—is that a dinner plate full of french fries with an apple and bread on the side??}

And in early June, Ella’s Girl Scout Troop had a ceremony where the girls bridged from Brownies to Juniors—looking forward to what’s ahead as a big Junior!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Field Day

Over the last few days of May, Jack and Ella both had field day at their school.  They’re both old hands at this event now, so I decided I would volunteer at a station this year (I volunteered last year but was able to wander around with the kids quite a bit—this year I was, for the most part, stationed at one location).  Point is, I don’t have a lot of images from field day, but the kids both enjoy it so much, I’d like to share what I did capture.
On field day for the K-1st graders, I was stationed at the “Clean Up Your Yard” event where the kids throw pom-poms over a volleyball net and try to have the least amount on their side (it’s complete chaos for several minutes at a time, over and over and over again).  This is the only station at which I was able to get photos of Jack—in fact, even then I felt like I was neglecting my post.  :)

For the 2nd-3rd graders’ field day (Ella’s day), I was volunteering at the first aid station which was adjacent to a few events, so I do have a few more images of her, and the fun water events to boot—thankful for such nice, warm weather for both field days this year!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

My parents (otherwise known as Nonni and Papa) came to visit over Memorial Day weekend.  The weather was nice and cool, so we spent a lot of time hanging out outside, went on a few excursions, but mostly just hung out.  It was such a nice time and we hope they come back soon.  :)

{ella’s posture here just cracks me up.}

{one of our fave backyard pasttimes—ladderball.}

{jack’s all about the overhanded throw.  it actually works pretty well for him.}

{nonni and ella were sketching while the boys played ladderball.}

{a win for jack and papa!}

{I’m pretty sure nonni was undefeated, though.}

{jonathan’s no slouch either.}

{me and my pup.  he was looking extra fluffy.}
We went strawberry picking on the Sunday of the weekend.  The strawberries were pretty picked over by that day but we still managed to fill a few cartons.

{you really had to hunt for the good ones.}

Later that same day, we took my parents to our new favorite spot to take out-of-towners,The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery (sorry, U.S. National Whitewater Center, you’ve been replaced—well, actually, we’ve just taken my parents there multiple times).  We hung around in the Brauhaus, trying a lot of different beers, got a great tour of the brewery, and then hung around some more to try even more beers.  It was fun and the beer at the brewery is so good and fresh. 

{jack came prepared with his go-fish cards—always has to get in several games of cards whenever nonni or nana visits.}

{and then ella took control of the camera.  :) }

{hanging some more in the backyard.  ella and nonni did their nails together.}

{and then some “tickle” football with papa and dad.}

Fun times!