Sunday, November 24, 2013


This year we decided not to buy new costumes for Halloween but to instead work with what we had on hand.  Honestly, each kid has a bounty of costumes and dress-up gear making it easy to come up with something to wear for Halloween, something they’ve never even trick-or-treated in, but I guess they wanted their Halloween costumes to feel fresh and new.  I don’t blame them, so we worked together to try to come up with a creative idea, working with what we already had.  I knew Ella had a cheerleading outfit from being a basketball cheerleader last winter, so my mind went straight to zombie cheerleader.  I half-jokingly introduced the idea to my lovely, sweet darling of a daughter who has been Tinkerbell, a roller-skating car hop, and Alice in Wonderland in past years (then again, I guess she was a ninja last year)—she latched right on.  Didn’t take much to get Jack on board either, once he realized we’d do some scary makeup.  We shredded some old clothes for under their cheerleading and football gear, they practiced their zombie walks and “brains” chants, and I watched a few zombie makeup tutorials on Pinterest (unfortunately we never found the time for a practice run on the makeup).  Halloween night we brought it all together and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out, especially considering how inept I am at makeup applications—still haven’t figured out how to do my own eye makeup.  And, the kids had a blast being kind of scary this year.  Ella was particularly proud that a teenager who was handing out candy said that it was really cool that she was a zombie cheerleader.  I’m resigned to the fact that a teenager saying so definitely holds more weight than me telling them how fun and cool their costumes were.  At least they’re still taking my suggestions, right?  Hopefully next year they’ll be game for something creative, too.

{jonathan makes a great iceman in one of my dad’s old flight suits and combat boots…although i think a few people asked if he was goose.}

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It’s a Girl!

My sister, who has 3 boys (ages 11, 8, and 6), is having a baby girl!  We’re so thrilled that we’ll have another sweet little niece to dote on.  Tracy’s friends hosted a baby shower for her at the end of October to fill her closets full of pink and, luckily, I was able to make a trip down to Atlanta to be there.  It was so fun to see Tracy—in all of her preggo glory—one more time before sweet baby girl arrived.     

Monday, November 11, 2013

Jack’s 8th Birthday Slideshow

Better late than never, right?  We love watching these slideshows year after year, so I couldn’t skip one, no matter how far behind I’ve gotten.  Now that I’ve gotten used to his toothless smile with a single big, permanent front tooth, he looks so little with his itty bitty baby teeth.  I love that he’s still so wonderfully little.  Eight is great!  A happy 8th to Jack!

Dixie Classic Fair

The forecast said 100% chance of rain until 4pm, but the radar told a different story.  So, we took a chance—we weren’t going to let “certain rain” get in the way of the special day we’d planned for the kids.  And special it was—I think I should be in the running for mom-of-the-year for this one.  It’s always a great day when we have the chance to hang out with our dear friends Baden, Ilse, and their mom Ivy (I actually see this crew every week because Ivy and I workout together while her homeschooled kids have their recess on a nearby playground, but Ella and Jack only see them every few months), but for this playdate we went to a county fair.  We played hooky from school to drive up to Winston-Salem to enjoy the rides, treats, and sights of the Dixie Classic County Fair.  Ivy grew up on a farm near Winston-Salem and has gone to this fair since she was a kid.  She still takes her kids every year, meeting her parents there, usually on a weekday to avoid the crowds.  Rain or shine, we couldn’t miss our chance to join them.  Ivy’s parents were entered in a few of the competitions at the fair so we got the inside tour—we parked at the very close vendor lot, Ivy’s mom guided us through the plant, food, and craft competitions, Ivy and her parents shared the best spots to get carnival food, and, of course, we spent a lot of time enjoying the rides of the midway.  We were prepared, lugging around our raincoats all day, but never got a drop of rain on us.  So glad we took the leap of faith—such a fun day!

{the round up ride hasn’t changed a bit.  it’s the one that made me ill for days in 5th grade.  ella, on the other hand, loved it.  at the end of our day, each kid could choose one more ride and ella chose the round up…and loved it.  yikes!  i think even baden was impressed.}

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Pumpkin Patch

We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch on a HOT day in October.  We headed back to Hall Family Farm again this year because they have a fun, festival-like atmosphere with bluegrass music, free activities, and even funnel cakes.  Our Sunday afternoon at the pumpkin patch was extra fun this year because we were joined by the Browns and Brooke’s sister Dana’s family.  We explored the corn maze together (I say explored because, after over an hour of wandering around the maze, we ended up coming out the entrance), picked our pumpkins, played some games, and shared a funnel cake (Ella and Jack’s first taste of one).  It was a very fun, albeit hot, day.  I love fall! 

{we were a little overdressed for the occasion because i wanted to get a quick family shot for our holiday cards.  jack and ella were troopers, donning their outfits from our photo shoot a week prior.  thanks, brooke, for the photo!}

{always love the outtakes with this crew, sometimes more than the posed shot.  who knows what’s going on here.}

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Instagrammin’ in October

Another busy month, spent mostly enjoying the beautiful weather.
found another beautiful spot in our favorite park. #tuesdayeveningwalks | the highest she’s ever been. #pianoteacherstree | enjoying our outdoor fireplace. | thanks, jack, for the reminder, but next time pick up a dust rag. | parents’ night out. #heistbrewery | fun in the corn maze at the pumpkin patch. | afternoon with great friends. | playin’ hookey to go to the dixie classic fair with baden and ilse. | fun at the fair. | dixie classic fair in winston salem. | last week he was “tired of walking”, this week he was running. #tuesdayeveningwalks | love this park. | puppy love. | bike to school day. | polo fest. | rebuilding the teepee in our woods. | lights! camera! fashion! with dao. | #tuesdayeveningwalks | pajama day | gator’s birthday wish. #heloveshiswalks | happy birthday to gator! #10yearsold | her take from a field trip to a gem mine. | inspired by his new art teacher. | a well-earned popsicle from an awesome 8:01 mile run. | enjoying some symphony tonight! #bachtoberfest | hangin’ with the one and only christopher warren-green. #heconductedtheroyalwedding | date night at the symphony! | jack scored the most goals on his team this season. | they carved our pumpkin all by themselves this year. | neighborhood kid art contest on the driveway. | girls night out. | pearl jam concert! #itwasamazing | in the studio waiting for the mayoral debate to begin. | morning spent photographing the charlotte mayoral candidates. | let the zombie-fying begin! | iceman and his zombie crew. #zombiefootballplayer #zombiecheerleader