Friday, January 17, 2014


On New Year’s Day we all got decked out in our Davidson Wildcats gear and headed up to the Davidson campus for a midday basketball game.  Go Cats!  Davidson College has such a beautiful campus—and of course the swing is a must whenever we’re up there—so we had a great time exploring after the game.  The kids also love pointing out, year after year, the window that Jonathan broke while he was there in college (it was an accident).  I guess it’s just fun to think about your parents getting in trouble. 

{the group of ten by magdalena abakanowicz}

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year’s Eve

We capped off 2013 with our annual New Year’s Eve Party.  The kids mostly stay upstairs playing games, Wii, and otherwise having fun.  They obviously enjoyed the photobooth downstairs, too, but that’s mostly the grownups’ domain.  This year we even added a new family to the mix, the Shaws.  I love all of these families and, as someone who never lived anywhere long enough to “grow up with” my friends, I just adore that Ella and Jack have known most of these kids either their entire lives or nearly.  This is a fun, and supportive (which we’ll come to know more dearly in 2014), group.  Hanging with this crew is always a great way to end one year and begin another.  Happy New Year!