Sunday, February 2, 2014

Instagrammin’ in January

January kicked off with a lot of fun and excitement, but then, for nearly two weeks, Jonathan and I were both beaten down with a terrible cold…so there was a lull in there and I was radio silent on Instagram.  We did have quite a few Girl Scout and Cub Scout activities with the kids, though, this month.  And another big story this month was the weather—we had incredibly cold temps causing several two-hour delays for school (something we’ve never had before), weather in the 50s and 60s, tons of rain, and then finally some snow.  We were all over the map and definitely took advantage of the great-weather days with outdoor activities.

happy new year! | davidson basketball game | go cats! | when in davdison #gottahittheswing | 3 of these things are not like the other. #groupof10 | my trx buddy | changing my oil. #hubbysnewhobby | jack insisted on this many jalapeƱos in his soft taco. #hechoweddown #iwasdoubtful | ella’ hadnmade pretzels | did a 9 round boxing workout.#tonsoffunhittingthebag | ella and i rocked a presentation on digital photography to her girl scout troop. #digitalphotographerpatch | yummy vietnamese food | better late than never. #christmasamaryllis | fan friday #gopanthers | ready for her powderpuff derby. | rainbow loom cuff | pogo stick mania over here—both kids have records over a thousand consecutive hops. | nature walk and photography scavenger hunt with my girl and gator. #digitalphotographerpatch #girlscoutjuniors | getting her shots. | beautiful light today for our 4-mile walk. | beautiful girl. | he’s out to ruin every single rug we own, but boy do we adore this pup. #themedsdestroyhistummy | ready for this cub scouts lego contest. #cubscoutwolf #pack164 | touring the police station with her girl scout troop. | enjoying the warmer weather with a 3.5-mile family walk. #onlyonekiddoneededtobecarriedforbreaks #thefurryone | finally some snow to go with the cold temps! | snow day and only one kid is hanging with me. | not very successful attempts at sledding, but still enjoying our snow day. | back for more time in the snow after a movie and hot cocoa. | the best snowman they could do with the dusting of snow we got.