Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ella!

Ella is 10!  She’s a “double-digit midgit” and boy is she thrilled about it.  What a beautiful, amazing, thoughtful, compassionate, loving, and intelligent girl she is.  Love.this.girl.  And could not be any more proud to be her mama.
Ella 10th Birthday from Tricia Williams on Vimeo.

Instagrammin’ in February

From the looks of my Instagram activity in February, you’d think it wasn’t a very busy or eventful month.  But, February 2014 is a month I’ll never forget.  It started off as any ordinary February—unseasonably warm days, school activities, snow, more snow, lots of snow, a visit from my sister and a few of her kids—and then on February 21st my sister went into cardiac arrest.  We spent the last week of February first wondering if Tracy would survive, then if she was brain dead, and then to what extent she had brain damage.  It was an incredibly stressful and life-altering week.  By the end of February, we had witnessed a true miracle.  Tracy was conscious and completely herself.  She had several more weeks of recovery ahead, but we have a lot for which to be thankful.  Her story, and our tough week, is documented on a CaringBridge site:

exactly as I found our mini snowman. | warm enough for some outdoor water fun. | cutest little nurse at JA biztown. #fieldtripchaperone | entertaining the girl with some doll hairdos while the hubs and I enjoy some OMB beer. | putting her to work sewing me some pillow covers. | snow! #snowmanfellover #makesasnowchair | more snow! | snowman success! | getting help shoveling the driveway. | happy valentine’s day! | look who’s visiting! #babyivy #ellasababyhog | look at that sweet baby chub. | lunch date with my girl. | lunch date with my boy. | adore my sister—so thankful the week ended with tears of joy.