Friday, April 4, 2014

Look Out Below

In order to start my 2013 blog book, I've changed the date on a few blog posts in order to line all of my 2013 posts up chronologically and actually posted in that year....who needs to know 20 years from now that I really posted about December the following April??  No one, I say.  Anyways, there are a few new posts to wrap up the year that are now posted in 2013, just case you're interested...not sure anyone's checking the blog anymore anyways....but just thought I'd mention it...just in case...haven't seen a comment in anyone out there??  :)

Instagrammin’ in March

March brought some extreme highs and extreme lows for our family.  It was a very emotionally tolling month, one that left us counting the many blessings we have and recollecting many wonderful memories.

we said goodbye to our sweet, wonderful, like-no-other 10-year-old pup gator.  we are so very heartbroken.  life just won’t be the same without him.  #lovethatdog #homeiswhereyourdogis | in my sister’s room at the hospital: “where there is great love there are always miracles.” ~ willa cather  we definitely saw a miracle in my sister’s recovery. | our wacky kids on wacky wednesday. | sister selfie in the hospital! tracy was surprising everyone with her quick recovery. | cousin time at the chattahoochee nature center. | TRACY.IS.HOME! my sister checked out of the hospital 16 days after she was first admitted. #wearingadefibrillatorvest #justaprecaution | red-shouldered hawk in our backyard. | missing my walking buddy. | junior night out for these two tennis cuties! | beginning of soccer season, 3+ goals for jack but he loves defense like his mama. | trying out lacrosse this spring, too. | happy st. patrick’s day! | sorry, kiddo, but your mom used to edit books as a job in college. #proofreader | yay! surprise visit from lauren and family. | happy 10th birthday, ella! | ella’s birthday request for dinner and a movie = nothing but noodles and mr. peabody and sherman #girllovesherbutterynoodlesandbreadsticks | back in atlanta, at que for a cause, a fundraiser for my sister’s family. | love hanging with my sister! #sothankful | meeting the first responders today. | love this smile. #hopingnewteethcomeinsoon | learning the art of cake pops from the master, dao of daolicisioustreats. | dao’s helping me make microphone cake pops for ella’s birthday party! | the finished product, microphone cupcakes for ella’s karaoke party—so thankful for dao helping to make ella’s party so special.  10 is a big one and all of the craziness of the previous month put me behind in party planning. | love this uber talented lady! | ella’s karaoke birthday party started off with some rock-star treatment for the girls—manis and pedis. | 6 girls having fun on stage! #karaokeparty | microphone cupcakes were pretty and yummy! happy birthday to ella! | now that she’s 10, the world of the gym and equipment has opened up to her—she couldn’t be more thrilled. #gymratinthemaking | well-earned beer and izzes on the patio after a long weekend…a long month. #yayforspringweatherfinally | missing those tail wags.