Friday, September 5, 2014

Instagrammin’ in August

August saw Jack’s birthday, volunteering, the start of soccer, a trip to Florida, the end of summer, and the start of school. 

happy birthday to jack. | jack’s birthday fun. | man on crutches lighting fireworks. #runjonrun | 9-year-old boy’s birthday perfection. | volunteering at loaves & fishes. | 4 long, hard nights of soccer. | sewing like a fiend. | my new artwork for our bathroom. | ella’s selection of headbands to sell for her fundraiser for the lunch project. | spanish wines tasting. #allinthenameofresearch | headbands all labeled, sorted, and ready to deliver. | so proud of my little socially-conscious entrepreneur! | lauren and zoe made a cake to celebrate jack’s birthday. | volunteering at sow much good. | their new earrings skink! | time to change the school sign. | lots of tennis this summer. | yay! we made it to st. augustine! | jack getting the hang of the skim boarder. | ella, too. | catching waves. | more fireworks to celebrate jack’s birthday. | kid catapult in the pool. | ella, too. | 9 holes with nonni and papa. | world’s largest airboat tour of myakka river state park. | above the trees. | long live the fun island! | love these cuties—at tarzan the musical. | one more stop in florida—hanging with nana and poppop in gainesville. | yummy restaurant opening. | great end to the summer, with great friends. | soccer tournament weekend…trying to block my picture. #momstoofastforyakid | an end of summer tradition, recounting our wonderful summer over bruster’s ice cream. | first day of school! #5thgrader #3rdgrader

Monday, September 1, 2014

First Day of School

Ella and Jack started school on August 25th—Ella’s in 5th grade and Jack’s in 3rd.  We have a fantastic school with amazing teachers, so we are looking forward to another great year!

5th grader!  I can hardly take that this is her last year of elementary school…I’m truly making a conscious effort to not jump ahead in my mind and just soak her up as the young girl she still is.

3rd grader! 

…the last year these two are together at school until Jack’s in 6th grade…yikes!