Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring Break – Easter

On Easter morning we awoke to discover that the Easter Bunny had visited Nonni and Papa’s house, leaving a basket for each kid filled with candy and toys (actually, it was a sand-castle making beach bucket filled with candy and toys—the Easter Bunny must’ve been thinking ahead to our sand-castle building plans at Hilton Head this summer).  There were also Easter eggs hidden all over the yard and inside the majority of the eggs were puzzle pieces.  Once the two puzzles were put together the big kids had to work out the meaning of a message written on them.  It took a while, but once it clicked you couldn’t contain the excitement—we’re going to Universal Studios!!!

{Sweet Ivy’s first egg hunt.}

{He may have his bathing suit on, too, but at least Jack tried to look a little nice for Easter morning…it was straight into the pool after the egg hunt!}

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring Break – Cousins!

Aunt Tracy, Jake, Zane, Drew, and Ivy rolled into Nonni and Papa’s house on Saturday afternoon and the cousins didn’t waste any time, jumping right in to a pick-up game of soccer.  Yay, cousins!  And—yay, Florida weather!  We’re so grateful Nonni and Papa were ready and willing to host this craziness.  I did not take a lot of photos on our trip, enjoying the relaxing time sitting by the pool and either catching up with Tracy and my mom and dad or reading a book (I think I got through two that week).  Let’s just say it was the perfect spring break, for everyone…although, Nonni and Papa probably needed a break at the end of the week.  

Monday, April 27, 2015

Florida for Spring Break

We flew down to St. Petersburg for Spring Break to join my sister and her kids for several days at my parents house.  Tracy’s crew wasn’t set to arrive until the day after we did so, when Nonni and Papa picked us up at the airport, we headed straight to the beach. It was such a beautiful and relaxing start to our vacation…and probably the quietest part of the week—fun with the cousins to come!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Instagrammin’ in March

It was a busy month for these kiddos as we transition from winter to spring.

wacky wednesday at school. | john glenn at the living museum. | respresenting spain at thinking day for girl scouts. | gym date for ella and baden. | school fun run—these kids rocked it. | bowling with toothy, jack’s class pet. | trail run at beatty park, my favorite. | i cannot resist this face, such a cutie. | donuts for the birthday girl—last birthday treat at school. | ella and julianna celebrating ella’s birthday with a show, dinner, and sleepover. #alleycatinaristocats | birthday dinner at brixx. #butterynoodles #herfave | usta team tennis begins! | love playing tennis with my girl. | and she’s off on her 5th grade trip to williamsburg and jamestown. | ferry ride. | just jack and me tonight. | having some rainy fun in williamsburg. | so proud of ella for going on her 5th grade trip all on her own. | father-daughter dance night. | which means another mother-son date night.  #luckylady #wingsandmarchmadness #hischoice | orthodontist—all set to decide which permanent tooth to pull. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Birthday Girl

Ella’s 11!  On the evening of Ella’s birthday it was closing night for her school’s performance of Artistocats, a performance Ella participated in as part of Musical Theatre club.  Ella was an “alley cat”, the group of supporting singers and dancers for the show who are on stage for the show’s entirety.  We brought Ella’s best friend Julianna with us to watch the show, out for dinner afterwards (at Brixx, of course), and then home for a sleepover to help us celebrate Ella’s birthday.  Brava, Ella, and happy birthday!