Monday, June 29, 2015

Jonathan Stewart Football Pro Camp

Over the two days after school let out for the summer Jack participated in the Jonathan Stewart Football Pro Camp.  For several years it was Steve Smith’s Pro Camp (in fact Jack had an amazing time at his 2013 camp, meeting Luke Kuechly, Brandon LaFell, and Charles Godfrey and even catching a pass from Steve himself).  Steve Smith moved on to the Baltimore Ravens this past season, although he still calls Charlotte home, and so it was time to pass the reins to a Carolina Panther.  Running back Jonathan Stewart was the new lead to the camp but Steve Smith joined him in his first year as a co-host.  Also joining them on the field for the camp were Carolina Panthers Luke Kuechly and Mike Tolbert.  Jack LOVES football so just getting to go to a football camp is ideal for him, but you add in playing with professional football players and it couldn’t be much cooler.  And we all love the Carolina Panthers, so we enjoy watching at the beginning and end of each camp day to see which Panthers we can spot.     

{luke kuechly and steve smith}

{meeting his coach.}

{motivational speech by jonathan stewart.}

{jack looks sooo motivated…}

{stretching out with jonathan stewart.}

{ooh, even better—stretching out with luke kuechly.}

{i wasn’t there when luke played with jack’s team, but i just think it’s so awesome how the panthers get out there and play with each team.}

{jonathan stewart threw with jack’s team for the quite a while, although he really had his favorite targets.  steve smith always seemed so thoughtfully methodical, making sure just about every kid got a throw from him.}

{some parting words from steve smith—charlotte misses you #89!  i can’t say enough about what a stand-up family guy he is.}

{jack was sent home with a jonathan stewart autograph and a hard copy of this team photo.  jack with his carolina panther buds—luke kuechly, jonathan stewart, mike tolbert, and steve smith (well, i guess smith is a baltimore raven now, but he’ll always be a panther to us—awesome guy who we happened to also hang out with just a few weeks earlier at his memorial day lace up son 5k).}

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Last Day of School

In early June, Jack wrapped up 3rd grade and Ella wrapped up 5th grade, her last year of elementary school.  Ella went into school on the last day just to help her favorite teachers from her 6 years at Polo Ridge, mostly just Ms. Parker (she taught both Ella and Jack in their 1st-grade years and she’s still our favorite).  It looks like Jack was headed in for a fun last day of school, too. 

And here are the first-day-of-school and last-day-of-school comparisons—lots of growing up done this year:

{off to middle school next year!}

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jack’s EOY Party

Jack wrapped up 3rd grade!  A huge example of just how fun his 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Jarrett, is was at the end of the end-of-year party—she told the kids to go outside for a group photo and had them all facing away from the door and then all of the parents came out and attacked them with silly string.  Jack loved it and, I’ll admit, it was pretty fun for Jonathan and me, too.  Love this kid.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

5th Grade Promotion

On June 10th, we attended the elementary school 5th Grade Promotion ceremony and watched as our lovely little girl became a rising middle schooler.  We’re very proud of the student, friend, and young lady Ella has become in her six years in elementary school and know she’s ready for this big step.  Off to middle school and 6th grade in the fall! 

{standing with the other presidential academic award recipients.  go ella!}

{ella and julianna have been in school together since the 2’s in preschool.}

{elementary school class of 2015 (ella’s on the right side in the first standing row)}

Thursday, June 18, 2015

5th Grade Celebration

The day before graduation, or “promotion”, for the 5th graders they were able to enjoy an entire day of fun at school.  The 5th graders were grouped into teams for an Amazing Race type of scavenger hunt, earning clues at each station after completing some tasks.  At the end of the day, a firetruck pulled into the school parking lot and sprayed the 5th graders with a fire hose for a good 20 minutes or so—it’s a rite of passage at our school for the rising middle schoolers each year.  And, at the very end of the day, after the 5th graders get changed into dry clothes, the entire school comes out of their classrooms and lines the halls and the 5th graders walk each hallway getting “clapped out” of elementary school.  I might’ve cried during that part.  It was a great way to end a wonderful 6 years of elementary school.  Go Ella!

I photographed the whole day for the entire 5th grade, but here are just the ones with Ella and her team.

{ella getting mummified.}

{the green hornets.}

{getting her hair spray painted.}

{performing their cheer for everyone.}

{changed and dry, ready for the 5th grade clap out.}

{probably one of her favorite high fives—mr. sword, her art teacher.  she even had several at-home private art lessons with mr. sword this year.}