Saturday, December 12, 2015

Holiday Card Photos

Without anything lined up to have our photos done professionally for our holiday cards, we decided to head down to Anne Springs Close Greenway after Thanksgiving with a camera on a tripod with a remote to take our own family photo.  I also tried out my 70-200mm lens on another camera for a few portraits of the kids.  This is Olive’s first Christmas with us, so she had to join us, too—and fortunately, she’s gotten a lot more agreeable to participating in group photos (see some Instagram photos from April to get an idea of how long Olive would stay still for photos when she first arrived with us…the short answer is that she’s usually a blur). 

I also really wanted to re-create one of my favorite photos of the kids taken by Brooke Brown way back in 2010 at the cabin on the greenway.  This photo is in a two-sided frame in our family room so I thought it would be fun to have an updated version, from 5 years later, on the other side of the frame.  They’ve grown so much!

{2010}                                                                                               {2015}

Friday, December 4, 2015

Instagrammin’ in November

What a fun November—Jonathan’s birthday party, seeing lots of family, and plenty of good football! 

this lady gets me. #hedgehumor | love that jack keeps his family in his school notebook. | attempt at a group selfie—gator game in columbia.  #gogators | cheering on our gators! | my first away game. | thankful to be in the gator section—even our photobombers are gator fans. | fun, and memorable, night out in columbia celebrating a gator victory. | thanks for your hospitality, gamecocks…#someonebrokeoffmygatorplate #niiice | happy 40th to jonathan! #donutcake | jon’s parents came up to help us celebrate. | 6 taps just for us—private room at birdsong brewery for jonathan’s birthday party. | perfect venue to celebrate jonathan’s 40th. | the big 4-0 #publixcakes | #squad | trying to convert our atlanta cousins to panther nation. | in the hive. #gohornets | the story of jack and my fantasy football season: “if a good eddie lacy is a benched eddie lacy then a benched eddie lacy should be in your lineup. in which case he’s not good anymore, so he should be on your bench. but that makes him good again…” #philosophersrunningback | olive girl. | headed back to anne springs close greenway and the dairy barn to take our family photos this year. | and our tree is up! it’s a new record this year—by the end of the thanksgiving day weekend.