Thursday, January 14, 2016

Petroglyph National Monument: December 29

On our way in to Albuquerque we stopped for a short walk in part of the Petroglyph National Forest, home to over 20,000 ancient petroglyphs, or Native American and Spanish rock drawings, carved into volcanic rocks.  This national monument is home to the “world’s largest accessible collection of petroglyphs”.  We explored the Boca Negra Canyon and had a fun time hunting for the ancient carvings, and then even more fun trying to determine what they were (alligator with a lollipop for one—find it below).  We also saw a jackrabbit and roadrunner on our short hike.  The trail provided some beautiful views of west Albuquerque and we even got to see a hot air balloon gliding over the city.  We ate dinner at a more contemporary taco joint in downtown Albuquerque with yummy salsa and even better margaritas.  It snowed again overnight and the next morning, after hitting The Frontier again for breakfast (we didn’t get to try their famous cinnamon rolls when we stopped there for lunch a week earlier) we spent a long travel day to make our way home to Charlotte. Another family adventure in the books—so wonderful to show the kids more of this glorious country and I loved how active we were able to be on this year’s trip (multiple days of hiking, skiing, and snowmobiling).  And the q.t. with the fam can not be beat.

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